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I am like a cookie.
I am small and full of nuts!
Plus, I LOVE cookies!

My Paper Challenge


This is my Paper Challenge, it is of a "Galexy."
My inspiration was Vaughn.
Next time I might try... ???????????????????

Some of my favorite links

  1. http://teachtrainlove.com/20-brain-break-clips-fight-the-fidgeting/
  2. http://www.sumdog.com/

I like sumdog beacause...
it is fun but you are doing math.
[You need an account.]

I like the brain break clips beacause...
it relakes you and gives your brain a break.

My favorite books


One of my favorite book is...
I like Harry Potter Because all of the
action, adventure, and excitement!
( If you like these books you will like the movies too!)

Harry Potter fans!

If you like Harry Potter I know a book
club you would like.
There is a HP book club in
Miss. Palmer's room, 201 at reading time.
We will share what we read
and then talk about the book.

My recording

This is an exerpt from my nonfiction book.
The title is "Dogs Galore".
By: Eliziabeth George
My book is about dogs and how to take care of it.

Native Ameracan presantation

nativ ameracan.jpg
These are some pictures from the Native Ameracan presentation.
We had a guy come and talk to us about the three fiers.
He brout in artifacts and things he made like the indians would use.

Bagels & books

Some times our school dose bagels & books.
We partner up with another class & read.
We partner up with Mrs. Bove's class.
It is always fun!!

The Nature Center


My biography

Malala Yousafzai

Malala was born in Pakistan on July 12, 1997.

She was named after Malalai Maiwand , a heroine of Afghanistan.

As a girl her father thought girls should have the same education as boys.

Elizabeth's Notes

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This polygon Ella, Ainsley, and I made.
We put together 18 "A" squares.
It is called a polygon.

Linked to WIKI

I like this polygon because... he taught outside of the box.
If you want to see more of his work go to his WIKI.
His name is Kyle.
This is called a concave.

Polygon Rules
  1. strait lines
  2. connected points
  3. made of line segments
  4. no curve
  5. closed plane figure