• born: July 12th, 1997-present
  • name: Malala Yousafzai (muh LAH luh YU sawf za)
  • place of birth: Pakistan
  • family:her father, Zianddin (ze ow DEEN) fell in love the moment she was born
  • family: Malala has 2 brothers, a mother, and a father


  • Stole from her friend she thought her friend stole from her
  • She was shot on Tuesday October, 9th 2012 by the Taliban
  • She was in top 5 for peace prize, she got $4,500 , she didn't win
  • She had sugary in Birmingham, England


  • To this day she is still nice & tries her best
  • She live in her new house in England
  • She lives with her parents & 2 brothers