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I am like a mystery book.
I am full of knowledge.
I love solving mystery's.


My Paper Challenge.
This is an alligator eating a human.
This represents life and death.
my inspiration was my alligator head.
Next time i might try a dragon.


My Favorite Links.

I like Raz kids because you get to read books that fit your reading level.
I also like Raz kids because you get to decorate your rocket with points you get from reading.

I like compass learning because it puts you in the correct math groups.
I also like compass learning because my favorite subject in school is math.

i like sumdog because i like football and it asks you addition problems.
I also like it because you can not only do football you can also make taco by answering addition problems.

My Favorite Book Series

The hardy boys is my favorite book series because i love to solve mystery's.
I recommend this book for ages 10 to 14.

This is my chapter of my minecraft book.

I did minecraft because I'm a expert at it.
It helps me learn because I'm talking about something i love.

My favorite subject,
Minecraft Fortress.jpg
My favorite subject is writing because i get to express how i feel about different things. This is the cover of my new book about minecraft.

My favorite thing to do at recess.

My favorite thing to do at recess is football.
I like to play football because i get to let out all my energy by running.

My favorite gemstone.

My favorite gemstone is the diamond.
I like the diamond because i like the way it shines in the light.

The nature center.


When i went to the nature center we got to make cookies.
We also got to make candles.

Native American Presentation.
mine all mine not yours.jpg
This is a picture of the native American presentation.
We got to learn all about where native Americans lived.
We also got to learn how they lived and we got to wear leather and fur.

My Science Experiment


My Biography About J.K.Rowling

linked to website
linked to website

I choose J.K.Rowling because i was inspired by her books.
She wrote y favorite series of books called harry potter.
I'm on the fourth book of the series and thats her favorite book.

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My Resource Page

Who Was J.K.Rowling By: Pam Pollack

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